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Perdue's Taekwondo

What Can Taekwondo Offer You?

Many people think that the martial arts is all about punching and kicking, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Taekwondo is about building teamwork and leadership skills, creating unwavering confidence in yourself, and cultivating the perseverance necessary to tackle any challenge in life! Perdue's Taekwondo has served the North Columbus area for over twenty years, with locations in Westerville and Sunbury -- in that time, we've helped hundreds of kids learn dedication and positivity through the martial arts. 

But Taekwondo isn't just for kids. We help teens and young adults learn leadership skills and we put adults on the path to learning genuine self-defense and attaining their fitness goals. Through martial arts training, you can lose weight and build lean muscle across your entire body! You'll have more energy, get better sleep, and feel healthier each and every day.

At the end of the day, Taekwondo is about becoming the best you can be. Join us at Perdue's Taekwondo and discover what the martial arts can do for you!


Expert Instruction

Perdue's Taekwondo has over twenty years of experience helping people from the Westerville and Sunbury communities learn Taekwondo. When you train with us, you're getting the best quality Columbus has to offer. 


Strong Core Values

We believe in showing up, doing your best, and challenging yourself to be the best that you can be. We'll support you, encourage you, and help you develop the confidence and perseverance required to thrive not just in the martial arts, but in life. 


One Mission

We want to give back to our North Columbus community in any way we can. That means helping kids become confident and bullyproof, helping teens develop into strong leaders, and helping adults achieve their fitness goals. Your journey begins at Perdue's Taekwondo!


Our Guarantee

We pledge to do our very best to help you, your child, or your family to get both the best possible Taekwondo training and the most uplifting community support. At Perdue's Taekwondo, we're a family, and we're here to help you succeed. 

Kids Taekwondo

Kids Taekwondo near Westerville

Teen Taekwondo

Kids Taekwondo near Westerville

Adult Martial Arts

Kids Taekwondo near Westerville

Confidence, Fitness, Perseverance!

Meet our Instructors

The skills that I learned from Mr. and Mrs. Perdue have shaped the person that I am today. I cannot overstate how influencial they have been and how grateful I am of the environment they built at the Taekwondo school. ....Read more

Jeff Morgan

Perdue's is an excellent taekwondo school for all ages. The staff create a welcoming environment and teach more than a martial art. They emphasize self discipline and a good work ethic while still making classes enjoyable (because this should be fun). From helping develop lasting friendships as a ....Read more

Dan Ray

I love Perdue's!!! All of the instructors care about the kids and they are so awesome!!! My kids have learned so much and gained so much self confidence!!!! ....Read more

Jessie Reep

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