Perdue's Taekwondo Reviews

The skills that I learned from Mr. and Mrs. Perdue have shaped the person that I am today. I cannot overstate how influencial they have been and how grateful I am of the environment they built at the Taekwondo school.

Jeff Morgan

Perdue's is an excellent taekwondo school for all ages. The staff create a welcoming environment and teach more than a martial art. They emphasize self discipline and a good work ethic while still making classes enjoyable (because this should be fun). From helping develop lasting friendships as a kid to a professional network as an adult, this school has had a huge impact on my life. Cannot recommend enough

Dan Ray

I love Perdue's!!! All of the instructors care about the kids and they are so awesome!!! My kids have learned so much and gained so much self confidence!!!!

Jessie Reep

HIGHLY recommend! Great leadership, great message and great students!

Erica Sochor

Mr Due cares about each of his students and his staff is phenomenal. He makes it fun but also knows when to lay down the law too. My nephew has been going to his school for over 2 years now. It has been amazing for him. We love Mary and Julia too. They’re always so kind and helpful. A Big Thank you Mr Due!

Sara Lundy

i love going to perdues . it really helps me bring out my inner soulessness

Claire Malone

Mr Perdue trained my son Cory 22 years ago, He loved the class and his confidence focus, and motivation to succeed was life changing. He is a successful engineer and has great memories of Taekwondo

Cindy Collmar O'Brien

I called Dave Perdue asking if he would provide my teachers a self-defense training opportunity. He responded when do you need me. I offered to pay. Dave responded there is no cost for a community service. Dave provided a pragmatic approach. His ability to relate to the participants invited them to take risks to learn self-defense. One teacher said it best, I had fun, I learned to be aware, and know I have options to defend myself.


Rick Oxley

A child's principal

Rick Oxley

Nothing but awesomeness ‘ My Son has been a student for 2 yrs / 2x a week ‘ sometimes Saturday. And isn’t slowing down . Purdue is a Master of his trade ‘ Perdue is a awesome teacher and his staff ‘ very professional. The students love them. Glad to be part of the family. Thank you.

June Perez

I love everything about Perdue's! All of the instructors are very nice and patient with the kids. They all have great Taekwondo skills that they have now passed down to my children and that's amazing to see as a parent. Both of my children have really enjoyed class and meeting new friend. I really like and balance between playfulness and structure here. You can't go wrong with them!

Christina Thomas

Mr Perdue does an absolutely great job with kids. He has a perfect balance of fun and instruction.

Kelly Hernandez

We raised our kids in this school. Some of our fondest memories are hanging out with our TKD family. This is more than a place to learn a valuable skill... it is a place where your family will learn valuable life lessons. We are better people because of Perdue's Westerville Taekwondo.

Gary Cook

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