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Aaron Geho

I started taekwondo when I was 8. I was switching between schools and as such, I didn't have many friends and, being as into action cartoons as I was, martial arts seemed like the obvious choice for my lot in life at the time. What really struck me about Perdue's back then was the atmosphere of encouragement. All those years ago and until fairly recently I had some real issues with performance anxiety. It was the philosophy that Mr. Perdue instilled in me (and every other student on his mats) that your no-changes and "failures" aren't actually failures at all, but learning experiences that test your mettle and let you get back up stronger and wiser for it. Teaching was an outlet for me to not only add to a great, decades-long legacy, but also hone my people skills and let me think on the fly. Being on staff, I feel, really shaped me for the career I'm in now as it requires patience, understanding, respect, and people skills I wouldn't have if it weren't for Mr. Perdue and the impact he and his school have had on my life. I owe so much of my quality of life to taekwondo, from my social circle made up of lifelong friends, to my career, and even my wife who I wouldn't have met if her brother hadn't joined at Perdue's. My advice (if it wasn't obvious from the small novel you just read), is if you want a normal life experience, sign up for a normal sport. But, if you want to experience something truly life changing and excellent, Perdue's is the place. To say you'll get a kick out of it is an understatement.

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