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Kids Taekwondo near Westerville

Andrew Mollenkough

I started taekwondo at Perdue’s when I was 8 years old. I tried martial arts once before and I kind of liked it but the instructors were just mean spirited and made me never want to come to class. So after my first testing (which I failed because I had to break wood without being warned in advance that I had to do it) I decided to quit. After a year or so off I decided to try again and I went to Perdue’s this time and it was a complete 180 from the prior experience. All of the instructors were super nice and I felt like I belonged. I loved that it wasn’t just all work but there was some play as well. Today I really like taekwondo because of the people I met along the way. Most of my close friends I hang out with outside of taekwondo are actually my friends from taekwondo. I still enjoy actually doing the sport but the people doing it with me are my favorite part today. The best benefits I got from taekwondo were not physical but actually my communication skills. As many can attest, I barely spoke when I first started at Perdue’s and now you would be lucky to get me to stop talking. It really broke me out of my shell and without taekwondo to help me, I’m not sure if I would ever be as comfortable talking to people as I am today. I teach because I want people to get out of taekwondo what I got out of it. I want students to feel like they belong at Perdue’s. I want them to make friends and to have a blast while also learning self defense. If a student isn’t having a great day and comes to taekwondo I want to be the turning point in that day, making it a good one for the student. Being an instructor allows me to do that. Starting taekwondo was one of the best decisions I have made in my life and I want others to feel the same as me.

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