3rd Degree Black Belt - Westerville

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Kids Taekwondo near Westerville

Colin Hatfield

Colin Hatfield has been an instructor at Perdue’s for the past 4 years. He started his TaeKwonDo career when he  turned six years old and this is his 11th year. When he first started, he enjoyed the friendships he made with other students outside his elementary school. Additionally, he enjoyed establishing good relationships with his instructors and he has a great friendship with them today. One of his favorite things about TaeKwonDo is the competitive spirit. He firmly believes competition makes everyone better, and that has really pushed him to become the best he can be. Major benefits he’s gained through TaeKwonDo are self confidence, leadership, self determination and discipline. He wanted to teach the same traits to other students and became an instructor. He really enjoys working with kids because they are fun, imaginative, and silly. It also allows him to escape the stresses of everyday life. In all, he wants to be someone the kids can trust, rely on, and see as a good friend.

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