Sean Malone, Martial Arts Instructor

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Sean Malone

I started taking Taekwondo when I was 6 years old with my dad. At the time my pediatrician recommended getting me into Taekwondo with the goal of teaching me how to better focus in the classroom. As a child I thought that Taekwondo was what I was seeing in 3 ninjas and surf ninjas movies. Punching , kicking, back-flips and sneaking around. So I was ecstatic to be learning these skills. Unfortunately, I still have yet to learn the whole backflip part.... ?

Eventually my entire family started taking Taekwondo, and typically my sister and I would have to wait in the lobby while our parents took class. This gave us the opportunity to watch the adults and our instructors train. After watching a few classes my focus shifted to being able to achieve what my instructors were doing. Jumping over 4 ft tall stacks of slammers, breaking 5+ boards with a single kick, and sparring at blinding speeds. Seeing my instructors achieve these feats and watching them train helped me understand the dedication and time necessary to achieve my goals. 

As my training continued I realized everything that my instructors had done for me as a student. They taught me to be respectful, confident, and self disciplined. I wanted to help the next generation in the same way and pursued my instructor certification and have been teaching ever since. I greatly enjoy Taekwondo, the friends that I have made and seeing the school and students grow over the years. 

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