Tylor DeMeo, Martial Arts Instructor

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Kids Taekwondo near Westerville

Tylor DeMeo

My name is Tyler DeMeo, I am a Second Degree Sr. Black Belt and a Level 3 instructor at Perdue’s Taekwondo. I am 13 years old and have been doing Taekwondo for a little over 7 years and have enjoyed every second of it. I was a little bit scared to try a class at first and my dad was hesitant about it because he thought I wasn’t ready and I was too young etc., but my mom persuaded him to let me at least try a class. When I did, my fears went away immediately and my dad gradually noticed that I was doing well and was happy I was liking it. At the time I liked it because it was just so much fun. We do a lot of moving around and we do fun games at the end of class. Fast forward to now, it really helped me with being responsible, self respect and respect to others, and I can be physically active. What I like about being an instructor is just seeing the progress that all of the kids and adults make every day and to see them have fun just make me feel good inside. I really can’t imagine my life without having Taekwondo.

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