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    Perdue's Taekwondo - Westerville 7207 D Northgate Way Westerville, Ohio 43082 P: 614-523-0426 E: ....

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  • MrDue's View from the Mats

    MrDue's View from the Mats

    One of the kids asked me the other day, seeing something on my arm, “Where did you get that scar?” I looked down at it. Sometimes, I still can’t believe it hasn’t gone away after all these years. “I got that at the cabinet shop when I was younger.” “Cabinets shop, what’s that?” “Get your butt down the rail and chamber that leg!” I said with a smile. Awesome kid. His side kick needs work…. Work… Then I looked down at the scar again. It is actually more noticeable when I am tanned for some reason. Whenever I look at it, like a flash, I am there again. The smell of sawdust, the heat of summer, ....

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  • Always Call in the Reinforcements

    Always Call in the Reinforcements

    When Jeremy was younger, we signed him up for soccer. He really enjoyed it at first. But then one day…NOPE! Jeremy wouldn’t get on the field and wouldn’t participate in practice. We had NO idea why. The very game before he did great and he always seemed to have fun at practice. Without any explanation or reason one day, he dug in his heals and made things extremely difficult. So, what did I do? I called in the Reinforcements. Jeff and Dan Morgan, Stacy’s kids, were in High School at the time and they were huge soccer guys. They came by, took him to the park one day and just did some drills and had fun. The next time they came by, they had him put on ....

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  • Stranger Saviors

    Stranger Saviors

    I am doing a self-defense seminar for kids at an elementary school. I do this all the time, but a few years ago, things went totally off when; A kid asked me, as a very matter fact If I call for help, won’t that bring another stranger? Boom! Moment of clarity… That question was For me, A defining point I realized What we are teaching is WRONG Kid logic is simple There is no grey There is only black and white… It just is…. I looked at her… And everything changed In that moment I totally understood Never worry about the Stranger… Call the Saviors… In that moment, everything changed I stopped looking at the ....

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  • Pokémon GO‚ĶSafely

    Pokémon Go is sweeping the nation at speeds I never imagined. However, I have already seen and heard that people, while trying to “catch them all” have done some pretty stupid things. I am sure that all the Darwin Awards given this year will be to GO players that obsessed with looking at their screen instead of being aware of their safety. If you are going to GO; GO safely. Remember, video games are great, but being safe is IMPORTANT. 1) Keep your head UP.
    First and foremost, keep your head up. You cannot be aware of even the simplest dangers, like walking into something, if your head is always fixed on your phone. Moreover, keeping your head down on your phone ....

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  • 20 Years - By Kevin Krinsky

    20 Years - By Kevin Krinsky

    I am Mr. Perdue’s 1st student. That’s a pretty cool thing to be able to say. I wanted to write a reflective piece about my 20 years with Mr. Due! When we first met, I was 7 years old and the school was not even built yet. There was no carpet on the floors (this is before puzzle mats were even available) and the railing was half installed. As I remember it, my mom and I were looking in the window of the school and Mr. Perdue came out to say hello from the cleaners next door. He told us who he was and that the school was opening soon. I told him “I already watch power rangers I know what I’m doing!” He laughed and took our information. He even let me ....

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  • The Worst DAD EVER

    The Worst DAD EVER

    Once upon a time, when the school was younger, there was this Dad. He meant well. He really did. But there came a time when the instructors had to just step in and tell this Dad to shut up and let them do the teaching, not him! The boy was a good kid. He usually behaved in class but not always because he was, after all, a typical seven year old boy that just loved life as a seven year old boy should. At times, he would misbehave on the end of the rail as he and his buddy would push and shove a little to see who got to go first. Sometimes he would play with the target instead of holding right. He would do the head bob push-ups just so he could be the first one done; or he would ....

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  • Papa, Are you still proud of me?

    Papa, Are you still proud of me?

    “Tori Perdue! Third attempt Sir!” The judge yelled. For me, the testing stopped and the world started to move in slow motion. I may be the chief instructor and I may have to run the testing, but first and foremost I am a parent. At this moment, I was just a dad with a little girl who was trying yet again to pass testing. At our school, as like many others, at higher ranks breaking is required to pass to the next level. This was her fourth attempt at this rank. All of her other setbacks had been for her breaking and we had become preoccupied with getting her over this hurdle. In the slow motion world which occurs when your adrenaline kicks in, I saw Tori bow. She ....

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  • The Breaking point

    The Breaking point

    Everyone has one, a breaking point. A point where you look at yourself and say, “I can’t go another step. I am done. I can’t do it.” We all feel it. We have all been there. So what happened? Did you quit? Or did you keep going? I was talking to a young man the other day who is scared to death about sparring. In our school, we spar all the time. He is actually an instructor. I know what you are thinking, how can an instructor be afraid of sparring? To be honest, I don’t know. I love it. But he, well, he doesn’t. He came up to me complaining about yet another minor bump or bruise and asking to not spar that day. I knew he wasn’t ....

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