Always Call in the Reinforcements

Always Call in the Reinforcements

When Jeremy was younger, we signed him up for soccer. He really enjoyed it at first. But then one day…NOPE! Jeremy wouldn’t get on the field and wouldn’t participate in practice. We had NO idea why. The very game before he did great and he always seemed to have fun at practice. Without any explanation or reason one day, he dug in his heals and made things extremely difficult.

So, what did I do? I called in the Reinforcements. Jeff and Dan Morgan, Stacy’s kids, were in High School at the time and they were huge soccer guys. They came by, took him to the park one day and just did some drills and had fun. The next time they came by, they had him put on his jersey, took him to the park the game was going to be held, put him on the field and started doing warm ups. The next thing you knew, the game started and he never looked back. Jeremy went on to play for years making countless friends, learning a great deal about teamwork and having immense amounts of fun.

The other day I had at least 3 parents talk to me about how their kids didn’t want to come to class. (Side note: when the weather gets better that is always an issue here in Ohio. Spring fever hits hard.) The worst part for parents is that they could see their kids having a great time on the floor so they couldn’t understand why their child did not want to be in class. While sometimes, the kids are just tired from school and want to veg, if it happens several times in a row what is happening is a confidence crisis. For some reason, they don’t believe they can do it. Now, WE know they can. But for some reason, they are scared to death of something. So what do you do? Call the reinforcements. Let us know what is going on.

What will we do? Prove to them they can do it. Form problems? We can set up a tutoring session in class or before classes. No problem. Sparring, Guardian Angels are great for that. Wood? No problem, a few one on one sessions will usually take care of it. As instructors, we are vested in our students. We don’t mind giving them the special attention they need to succeed.

But we can’t help if we don’t know about it. Especially since many times, we think they are already doing great and are exceeding our expectations. And we see the same thing you do, they are having a great time in class. So when your child has fought you about coming to class for a full week… Don’t Hesitate! Call in the Reinforcements!

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